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  • Reinforce employees¡¯ sense of mission,Improve team cohesion
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  • Reinforce employees¡¯ sense of mission,Improve team cohesion

    --- 2018 Jiangsu Shuntai Study Symposium of  1st,Jul

           On the afternoon of 29 th June , Jiangsu Shuntai party committee organized one ¡° 1st ,July¡± study symposium , the themed is ¡° Reinforce employees¡¯ sense of mission , Improve team cohesion ¡° . All Party members , Activists and company managers attended this meeting .

    In the meeting , the party affairs people build a brief report about the the work of party building in the first half year , Clear the work direction and emphasis in the next half year .The participants were organized to watch the full-length documentary  <Awesome my country >. Although only 20 minutes , Since the 18 th national committee with general secretary XIJINPING as the core, the party has gone through five years of unremitting endeavor . China¡¯s world- class high ¨Cspeed railway , the Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge as the representative of China¡¯s bridge , the world¡¯s top throughtput of China;s port ,5G technology connected the world ¡­¡­ the trumpet of a new age , The grand momentum , the exquistite picture, the exciting music and the inspiring explanation , All make people still want to do something that shocked the world . 


    In the red atmosphere of the rendering , the recent hot topic of discussion is ¡° State affairs,Family affairs and the World affairs ¡°, the colleagues attending the conference combined their views with production practice and Shared the stroies in their daily work . They extend from ¡° targeted poverty alleviation¡± to how to overcome technical difficulties and improve quality control . From ¡°Sino-us trade dispute¡± to how to meet customer requirments and improve the comprehensive of enterprises .From ¡°pollution prevention and tackling¡± to enterprises to improve social responsibility. Everyone expressed their opinions , speak out freely and communicated with each other .

    At the end of the meeting , we all agreed that the party building work in the future should be combined with the production and operaton of enterprises , and be factual , practical and down to earth ,We all hope that in the future ,we can organize similar activities for the democratic learning club . The people talked with each other , exchangede feelings and experiences , and conveied positive energy .


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