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  • keep Time ,our youth does¡¯t end-- Shuntai Technology Men¡¯s basketball game newsletter
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  • keep Time ,our youth does¡¯t end

    -- Shuntai Technology Men¡¯s basketball game newsletter

    Spring has left quietly in all flowers blomming in all their beauty , Early summer has come to us with a gentle breeze , Taking advantages of the comfortable weather , the company union held a there-man basketball game themed ¡° keep time, our youth doesn¡¯t end "

           This competition takes the department as the unit , the free group tean , everybody in the light of the friendship first , the game second sports spirit . by virtue of the love to the basketball each other exchangers the ball skill . Every department¡¯s basketball fans are eager to sign up , and every team on the scene is well- organized and energetic , The game began ,with the referee¡¯s whistle ,the scene immediately lively , the players dare to play dare to fight , run ,jump ,pass the ball , to show strong posture , clip , defend , grab board , show good skill ¡°wow , good ball ¡° onlookers  looking at the beautiful arc into the basket , Can¡¯t help to send out bursts of cheers , the atmosphere on the scene is warm , the audience cried for fun. 


           The curtain has fallen on the one week match , which featured a high level of staff participation and a wide range of ages , and a group of shuntai ¡°old boys ¡° whose average age is over 45 , the post -70s , post-80s and post -90s are not to be outdone ,Now the game is over , but everynight after the work , the stadium is still boiling , and the pomegranate trees nearby are full of flaming flowers , flickering in the wind , adding a lot of life ,run ,laugh ,we use this fully and delightfully ,catch up with the steps of youth ,search our owns , Keep time , our youthes doesn't end .


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