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  • 2018 Annual party active member trainning newsletter
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  • 2018 Annual party active member trainning newsletter

    In April 2018, the organization department of qingjiangpu district committee held a two-day trainning class for active applicants , and a total of 8 active applicants of our company attended the training .

             At the meeting , they mainly studied the CPC constitution, the histroy of CPC, understood marxism-leninism ,MAOZEDONG thought,DENGXIAOPING theory, the import thought of ¡°three represents¡± and the theretical system of soclalism with chinese characteristics, the 19 th CPC spirit and general secretary XIJINPING¡¯s series of speeches ,Throgh combining theory with practice , the training guides the activists to get into the party correctly , and strive to join the party organization early with practical actions and outstanding work achievements .


    At last , the organization department of the district committee of qingjiangpu district organized activities watched the large-scale documentary¡±awesome my country ¡°, the film showed us the great power and the power of China , When the grand aerial shot scene after scene passes by . the magnificent mountains and rives of the motherland , the shock and pride brought by the remarkable achievements overwhelm, inspired everone¡¯s inner enthusiasm and confidence ¡°Awesome My Country¡± present to us the development and achievements of China since the 18th CPC natioanl congress ,which gave us a visual and spiritual shock .

    As activitist , we are proud to be born in such a great era,We are immersed in the moving melody of the song of struggle.We will do our job well ,serve our enterprises and people under the leadership of the party and under the guidance of the 19th spirits!

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