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  • Safe Driving, High quality service
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  • Safe Driving, High quality service

    ¡ª¡ªThe newswire report of the driving class skilled competition

    17th May,Jiangsu Shuntai Technology co.,ltd offices had hold one driving class skilled competition activity -- saft driving,high quality service . Through the skilled competition activity , that could be improve the comprehensive quality of drivers , promote the service level on driving cars .


    This activity aim is ¡°safe driving , high quality service ,Initiate the Civilized traffic , Stop Traffic violations , Strive for civilized driving , Quality Service Model . Competition has 2 parts :  service awareness and practical skill operation . That is not only to inspect the drivers knowledge , more attention to drivers practical skill and The ability of emergency reaction ,Practical skilled operation include the single side bridge , put the car into storage , parking and others .Summer is coming ,the weather is so hot ,tyres easy to implode . But this practical skilled operation had not change and instate the wheel ,It is important for drivers to master the skills of tire installation and safety precautions in rush repair .


           The driver comprehensive quality test is the special in this skilled competition . the example of drive safely , except for test the skilled of drivers,emergency reaction , also pay attention to the drivers use good manners , service awareness and so on , attention to the comfortable of passengers . this skilled competition ,3 competitors are all skilled , completely to show their theoretical knowledge , high level drive skill and service awareness . It is promote the all driver department comprehensive abilities .

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